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How To Configure Point To Point Protocol

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In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Configure Point To Point Protocol
In This I Am Going To Tell You The Easiest Way To Configure Point To Point Protocol Just Follow These Steps

Step 1- Firstly We Have To Take 2 Router And Connect with Serial Port

Step 2- First Set The Hostname To The Router And Then Assign The Ip’s To The Router And Don’t Forget To Set Clock Rate 64000 In Router 1 Se0/1/0

Step 3- Configuration Of Router 1

#Config Turminal
#Username R2 Password CCNA123
#int S0/0/0
#Encapsulation PPP
#PPP Authentication Chap

Step 4 Configuration Of Router 2

#Config Turminal
#Username R1 Password CCNA123
#int S0/1/0
#Encapsulation PPP
#PPP Authentication Chap

Here I AM Going To Tell You What Is PPP & CHAP

Here IS The Full Form

PPP      Password Authentication Protocol
Chap    Chalange Hand shake Authentication

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