How To Auto Secure Our Router

In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Houto Secure Your Router

Firstly We Take 1 Router And 1 Pc And Draw This Type To Senerio

Now Assign The Ip Add To The Router

Now Go In Router And Do Configuration

Router#Config t
Router(config)#int f0/0
Router(config-if)#ip add
Router(config-if)#no shut

Now We Assigned The Ip’s And Do Configuration for Auto Secure

Then Click on Router Enable Mode And Do Configuration

Router# Auto Secure
Is this router connected to internet? [no]: no
k and k, where k is any character}:K This Is IAS Router K
Enter the new enable password: ccna123
Confirm the enable password: redhat123

Configuration of local user database
Enter the username: ccnp123
Enter the password: ccna123
Confirm the password: ccna123

Blocking Period when Login Attack detected: 2

Maximum Login failures with the device: 2

Maximum time period for crossing the failed login attempts: 2

Configure SSH server? [yes]: yes

Enter the host name: R1

Enter the domain-name:

Configure CBAC Firewall feature? [yes/no]: no

Enable tcp intercept feature? [yes/no]: no

Apply this configuration to running-config? [yes]: yes

Why We Auto Secure Our Router ?

We Auto Secure Our Router Because we Don’t Want To Enable Password Again And Again And Do So Much Things Again So i.e. We Auto Secure Our Router

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