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How To Configure DNS And Mail Server

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In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Configure DNS And Mail Server In Cisco Packet Tracer

Firstly Take 2 Pc’s And 2 Server And Draw This Type Of Senerio

Here We Gives The Ip’s To The Server And Pc’s

Now Go In DNS Server And On The Services Of DNS And Fill Rescurce Records
And Give The Ip Address Of The Mail Server And Then Click On Save

Now Go In Mail Server And On The Services Of MAil Server And Create User

Now Go In Pc And Click Desktop And Then Click On E-Mail And Fill The User Information And Then Click Save

Now Go In Another Pc Desktop And Click E-Mail And Send Email To The Another Pc And Check The The second Pc MAil Has Come or Not

If You Are Having Some Problem

Check This Video Also If You Want To Do Practically

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