How To Create Folder Or File In Drive From Command Prompt

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In This Tutorial We Gonna Learn How To Create Folder From Command Prompt

Step 1- Firstly Open CMD Command Prompt Use Run As Administration

If You Want To Change Color Of Text In Command Prompt So Type Color ?
Then So Many Color Option Come Select The Color Which Ony You Want To Select

Now How To Create A Folder

Type md Ccna And Press Enter Then Check The File Is Create Or Not

Then Type Dir
To Check The List Of All The Files & Folders In Drive And See The File Is Create Or Not

Step 2- Now If You Want To Create Another File In The Folder

Type cd ccna And Press Enter
Now You Are In The Folder  Now We Create File In Ccna Folder So Type
Copy con A.txt Then Press Enter
Helo How Are You
Now Press Control+Z To Save The file Now Press Enter

Now Type A.txt To Check The File Or His Contant Is Save Or Not

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