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How To Create Empty Or Fake Or Hidden Text File Of 500Mb Or 1GB In Linux rhel 4-5

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In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Create Empty Fake Or Hidden File In Linux

Firstly Go In Linux turminal {Means Command Prompt Of linux }

Here Is The Command Of Creating Empty File

# Touch A.txt {A.txt Is The File Name }

* Now How To Create FAke Txt File Of 500 MB

Here Is The Command

# dd if =/dev/sda of=a.txt bs=1M count=500

# dd if =/dev/null of=b.txt bs=1M count=500

* How To Delete Fake File Of 500 Mb In Linux

# rm -rf /File Name

* Now How To Create Fake Txt File Of 1GB

 Same Command Is There Only One Change Is There We Have To Write Count =1000

# dd if =/dev/sda of=a.txt bs=1M count=1000

# dd if =/dev/null of=b.txt bs=1M count=1000

How To Delete Fake File Of 1Gb In Linux

# rm -rf /File Name

* Now How To Create Hidden File In Linux

# Touch .A.txt

* Now How To Check Hidden file Is Created Or Not Here Is The Command


This Is How We Create Hidden Or Fake Or Empty File In Linux Rhel 4-5

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