How To Do Subnetting

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In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Do Subnetting 

In Subnetting We Have To Find out The Network Address , First Host Address , Last Host Addresss , Brodcast Address

Subnetting Is Used To Find Out The Network , Brodcast Address And Host Address

Now How To Do Subnetting Of This IP Address 

Q-1         192.168.10/26
               llllllll llllllll llllllll ll000000
                 255     255    255     192
X =2 (Borrowed Bit)
Y = 6 (No. of Total Off Bit)
Z =6 (No. Of Off  Bit In The Octate Where Change Is Taking Place)
This Is How We Do Subnetting And Find Out The Network Address , Firdt Host Address , Last Host Address And Brodcast Address
This Is The Subnetting Of Calss C IP Address

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