How To Configure Telnet On Router

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In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Configure Telnet On Router

Firstly We Have To Take 1Router 1Witch And  1TFTP Server

Something This Type Of Diagram You Have To Create 

Now Firstly Go To The TFTP Server And Give The Ip To The TFTP Server And Now Go To The Services Of Server Ond On The Services Of TFTP Server

Now Go To The Router And Assign The Ip

Now Click On Router And Go To Cli Mode And Do The Configuration

Router# configuration turminal
Router(config-t)#Hostname R1
R1(config-t)#interface f0/0
R1(config-t)#ip address
R1(config-t)#no shutdown
R1#configuration turminal
R1(config-t)#enable password redhat
R1(config-t)#line vty 0 4
R1(config-line)#login local

Now Our Configuration Of Telnet On Router Is Complete Now Go To The TFTP Server Command Prompt And Type Telnet And Give The Ip Of Telnet Server Which We Made In Router

Then Give The Password Of Telnet Which We Configure On Router After Giving The Password Then Do The Configuration Which You Want To Do

This Is All How We Configure Telnet On Router

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