How To Configure Yum Server In Redhat Linux Rhel-4&5

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In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Configure Yum Server

Without Configure Yum Server In Redhat Linux You Are Unable To Configure Any Other Server In Linux If In Linux Yum Server Is Not Configured You Can Not Configure Any Other Server Also Weather It Is Telnet, HTTP, SSH, Samba, Chat Or Any Other Server You Cound’not Configure Any Other Server Without Configured Yum Server

Now For Configure Yum Server You Have To Mount The Server Folder Which Is In The Iso File 

Here IS The Command Of Mount The Server Folder

#mount -o loop rhel54.isi /mnt {rhel54.iso Is The Iso File And mnt Is The Folder Where We Have To Mount The Iso File} 
#cd /mnt {For Going Inside The /mnt Folder}
#cp -rv Server /root {For Coping The Server Folder To The Root}
#ls -lh
#mount /mnt {For Mount The mnt Folder}
#cd   {For Comming Outside From The mnt Folder}

Now Here Is The Command Of Configure Yum Server

#cd  /etc/yum.repos.d/ {This Is The Configuration File Of Yum Server}
#vim a.repo   {For Creating A File And Inside A File We Have To Write Down These Lines}
baseurl =file:///root/Server
gpgcheck =0

After Configure This Yum Server Now If you Have To Install Any Server Packet So Then You Have To Run This Command

Here I Am Installing The Yum Server

#yum install telnet* -y

Or If You Have To Install Any Other Server Or Anything Else You Have To Install Then The Same Process Is There Also

#yum install jaya* -y
#yum install php* -y

Here You can See The Video How To Configure Yum Server


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