How To Configure Python As a Web Server In Redhat Linux Rhel-4&5

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In This Tutorial We Are going To Learn How to Configure Python As AWeb Server In Redhat Linux

Before Configuring Python As A Web server You Must Have Configured Yum Server In Your Linux System

Click This Link to Check How To configure yum server

Now How To Configure Python As A Web Server 

Here Is The Coding

#mkdir /ccna {For Creating Folder}
#cd /ccna {For Going Inside The Folder}
#touch {1..1000}.txt {For Creating 1000 text File}
#yum install python* -y {For Installing Python server}
#python2.4 -m SimpleHttpServer 8024 {For share The folder}

Now Our Portion Of Configuring Python As A Web Server Coding Is Complete 

Now Open Chrome Browser Or Firefox Or Any Browser In Your System Then Type The Ip Address Of Your Linux System And Then Give The port

Now Here you Can See All The Text File Which We Made in Linux System It’s All Text File Is Shown In browser

For More Information Or Any Othr Problem you Are Facing During Practical Then Check This Video

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