How To Configure SSH Server In Redhat Linux

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In This Tutorial We Are going To Learn How To Configure SSH Server In linux But Before Configuring SSH Server you Must Have Configured Yum Server In Your Linux System

So First Configure Yum Server In your System


Now After Configuration Yum Server How To Configure SSH Server


Here Is The Coding Of Configuration SSH Server

#yum install openssh* -y
#service sshd restart
#chkconfig sshd on
#vim a.txt {After running this Command Write Some Content Inside The File}
#vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config {After Run This Command You Have To Do Some correction Inside The Configuration File In Next linux You See The Correction}
banner   /root/a.txt
#service sshd restart

This Is The Picture Of What We Hate To Do The Correction Inside The Configuration file

Now Our portion Of Configuration SSH Server Is Complete

Now Go To The System And Open Putty Software

After Open putty Software Give The IP Address Of The Linux Machine And Then press Enter

Now Your Linux System Is In your Desktop

Here You Can Login With The Root Then You See All the Command And All The Configuration You do In Your Linux System It Is Shown In Your Original Desktop

For More Information Or You Want To Do Practically SSH Server Then Check This Video


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