How To Configure Mysql Server In Redhat Linux Rhel-4&5

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In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Configure Mysql Server In Redhat Linux Rhel-4&5


It Is Very Easy And Very Simple Just Follow These Steps


Step-1 The First Thing Is Before Configuring Any Server You Must Have Configured Yum Server In Your Linux Machine


If You Don’t Know How To Configure Yum Server Click On This Link And See How To Configure Yum Server In Linux

Step-2 Now Login With The Root In Linux Machine And The Do This Coding For Configuring Yum Server

#yum install mysql* -y {to Install The Mysql Package}
#service mysqld restart {To Restart Th Service Of Mysql}
#service mysqld restart
#chkconfig mysql on
#mysql -u root -p {After Running This Command Then Give The Password Of Root }
mysql> show databases;

mysql> create database hacking {Hacking Is The Name Of Database Which We Have To Create}

mysql> drop database hacking {To Remove The Database}

mysql> quit {To Go Out From The Mysql}

Srep-3 This Is All How We Configure Mysql Server In Redhat Linux Rhel-4&5

Step-4 If You Are Facing Some Problem When Doing Practical Of Mysql Server In Linux Then Check This Video


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