How To Assign Ip Address Manually In Redhat Linux

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In this Tutorial we Are Going To Learn How To Assign Ip Manually In Redhat Linux Here I Am Telling You In VM VirtualBox 

It Is Very Simple To Assign Ip Manually Just Follow These Simple Steps

Step-1 Firstly Install Atleast 2 Linux In Vm VirtiualBox And go To The Network Setting In Vm VirtualBox And Then Enable The Adaptor2 And Select Internal Network And Give The Name intnet1

Check this Picture Also What We Have To Do The changes In Vm VirtualBox

Step-2 Here In Second Linux Also You Have To do Same Changes

Step-3 Now Start Both The Linux And Go To The Cli Mode Of Linux And Then Do This Coding

Firstly Login With The root In Both Linux

#system-config-network {After running This Command Then Click On Edit Device Then Click On eth1}

Now Here You Have To Give The Ip To eth1

I Am Given Static Ip
Then Netmask
Then Getway

See This Picture What Ip I Have Given

Now Go In Send Linux The We Have To Do The Same changes There Also But The Ip Was Different

Static Ip

See This Picture What Ip I Have Given To The Secong Linux

Step-4 Now Our Configuration Is Complete Now Check Ip Of First Linux Then Secong Linux

Here You Can See The eth1 IP Of First Linux System See The picture

Here Is The eth1 IP Of second Linux System See The Picture

Step-5 Now How To check Our Configuration Is complete Or Not

Ping {Ip Address Of Second Linux}

This Is All How We Assign The Ip Address Manually In Redhat Linux 

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