How To Configure FTP Server In Linux Rhel-4&5

In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To configure FTP Server In Linux


It Is Very Easy To Configure FTP Server Just Follow These Steps


Step-1 Before Configuring Ftp Server Or Any Other Server You Must Have Configured Yum Server In Your linux System


If You Don’t Know How To Configure Yum Server In Linux Click On This Link And See How To Configure Yum server


Step-2 Now How To Configure FTP Server

To Configure FTP Server Do This Coding

Firstly Login With The Root In Linux

#yum install vsftpd* -y {To Install The Package Of Ftp server}
#service vsftpd restart {To Restart The Service Of Ftp server}
#chkconfig vsftpd on {To On The Ftp Server}
#cd /var/ftp {To Go Inside The Ftp Folder}
#pwd   {To See The Path Where You Are}
#vim a.txt {to create Text File And a.txt Is The File Name}
#iptables -L {To Check The Firewall Is On Or Off}
#iptables -F {To Turn OFF The Firewall}

Now Our Configuration Is complete Now Go To The Windows chrome Browser And Type Ftp:// And Then Give The Ip Address Of Linux

Now You Can See The File Which You Create in Linux a.txt It Is Shown In Windows Browser And The Content Also


This Is All How We Configure FTP Server In Linux And How To See His Output On Linux

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