How To Impot Any ISO File From Windows To Linux Cli Mode And How To Check

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In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Take Any ISO File From Windows To Linux CLI Mode And How To Check Its Very Easy And Very Simple Just Follow These Simple Steps

Step-1 First Open Everythig Software And On The Services Of HTTP Server And Give The Username And Password In Everything Software

Step-2 Now Check The Ip Of Your Windows By Going Command Prompt And Type ipconfig

Step-3 Now Open Linux And Login With The Root In Linux And Go To The Cli Mode Of Linux

Step-4 Afet Then Type elinks { Is The Ip Address Of The Windows}

Step-5 Now Login With The Http Server Which Passwrd You Given In Everything Software

Step-6 Now Here All Your Windows Drive Will Shown Now Go To The Drive Where You Kept An Iso File And The Click On Iso File Then Click Save 

 After Then It Will Take Some Time To Downlosd An Iso File In Linux

Step-7 After Completing Downloading Of Iso File Now Exit With The Everything Software In Linux And Then Go To The Cli Mode Of Linux And Type This Command

#ls {To Check All The Files Which Is On Root And Here You Can See The Iso File Which You Take From Windows To Linux}
#ls -lh {To Check File Information In Detail And You Can Also Theck The Iso File Size And All Other Information}

This IS All How To Take An Iso File From Windows To Linux Jist Follow These Simple Steps 

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