How To Install The Exe File Of Everything Software In Redhat Enterprise Linux

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In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Install Everything Software In Linux

Just Follow These Simple Steps

Step-1 Firstly Open The Everything Software In Your System And Go To Tools And Then Click Option  And Then  On The Service Of HTTP Server

Step-2 Then Go To The Linux Machine In Vm VirtualBox Then Open The Web Browser In Linux Machine And Type The Ip Address Of Your Windows Ststem And Then Press Enter

Step-3 Now Here You Can See The Drives Of Your Windows System Now Open The Drive And Folder Where Is The Exe File Of Your Everything Software Then Click On EXE File And Then Save To The Linux Machine

Srep-4 Now Before Installing Everything You Have To Install Crossover In Your Linux Machine Now Save It From The Window To Linux

Step-5 After This Open The Command Terminal In Linux And Do This Coding

#cd Desktop {To Go To The Desktop}
#ls  {To Show All The Files And Folders}
#rpm -ivh crossover-pro-9.0.0-1.i386.rpm  {To Install The Rpm File Of Crossever}

Step-6 Now Your Crosscover Is Installed Now It’s Time To Install Exe File Of Everything Software

1 Click On Applications And Then Go To Cross Over Then Click On Install Windows Software

2 Now Click On Choose Installer Or File Then Chose The File To Install Then Click Open

3 Now Here You Have To Search Other Application Then Click On Install

4 Now It Will Take Some Time To Install The Everything Software 

5. After Installing The Everything Software In Linux It Will Look Like This See In This Picture

Step-8 This Is All How We Install Exe File Of Everything Software In Linux

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