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How To Configure TFTP Security

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In This Tutorials We Are Going To Learn How To Configure TFTP Security In Redhat Enterprise Linux Rhel-4&5

Just Follow These Simple Steps To Configure TFTP Security

Step-1 Now If You Have To Configure TFTP Security In Linux So Firstly You Must Have To Configure TFTP Server Before

Step-2 If You Dont Know How To Configure TFTP Server In Linux So Click On This Link And Learn How To Configure TFTP Server



Step-3 Now After Configuring TFTP Server Now You Have To Do The Security Of TFTP Server So Here Is The Command Of TFTP Security Just Follow These Commands

#vim /etc/xinetd.d/tftp


After Running This Command This Is The Configuration File Of Tftp Server

Now You Have To Do Changes Inside This Configuration File

Here Is The Changes I Am Writing Down

instance         =   200
cps                 =   20
per_source     =   1
only_from      =
no_access     =

Step-4 This Is All The Changes You Have To Do Inside The Configuration File Here You Can Check This Picture Also Where To Do Changes Or How To Do Changes Inside The Configuration File Of TFTP Server

Now What is The Use Of This Commands And Why We Use This Commands

cps = 20 3 {It Means One Time 20 User Can Allow Anfter Then Wait For 3 Seconds}
only_from = / {It Means It Will Allow Only This Ip And Block All Others Ip And It Means It Will Allow All The Ip Which Come To This Network  And Block All Others Network}
no_access  =  {It Means It Wll Block This Ip Address If Anyone Come From This Ip Address Then It Will Not Login To TFTP}

This Is All How To Do TFTP Security  What You Have To Do Now Follow These 4 Simple Steps And Learn How To Configure TFTP Server And Learn How To Do Security Of TFTP

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