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How To Install Antivirus In Redhat Enterprise Linux

In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Install Antivirus In Redhat Enterprise Linux Rhel-4&5

Here I Am Having Antivirus  In My Desktop Of Linux And This Is An Rpm File Of An Antivirus 

Now I Want To Install This Rpm File In Linux So How Would I Install This Rpm File In linux So Firstly Go To The Terminal Of Linux And Type This Command To Install The Antivirus In Linux

Here Is The Command To Install The Rpm File Of Linux

#cd Desktop
#rpm -ivh avg85flx-r287-a2632.i386.rpm {rpm -ivh Then Give The File Name Of An Antivirus }

See This Picture How I Install The Rpm File Of Antivirus In Linux

Now Our Antivirus Is Installed Now we Have To Start The Antivirus Here Is The Command

#avgctl –start

Now We Have Start The Antivirus Now We Have To Scan So How can We Scan Here Is The Command 

#avgscan /
#avgscan /var/ {To Scan Some Particular Folder Or File}
#avg –restart
#avg –stop
#avh –licinfo

Here You Can See What Is The Use Of This Commands 

Avgupdate {Means To Update The Antivirus}
Avg –restart {To Restart The Antivirus}
Avg –stop {To Stop The Antivirus}
Avg –licinfo {to Check The Version And Lincence And All Details }}

Here Is Th Configuration File Of Avg Antivirus 

#vim /etc/avg.conf {After Then Press Enter Now Here You Can See The Line In This Linux avgcfgtcl Is The Command which You Have To Run}
After Then Run This Command 
#avgcfgctl  {Now Some Output Is Come Now This Is The Real Content Of Configuration}
#avgcfgctl > /etc/avg.conf { To Copy The Content TO The Conf File Avg.conf}
#vim /etc/avg.conf {Now You Can See The Content In Configuration File Of Avg Antivirus}
This Is All How To Install Antivirus In Linux And How To Start,Stop,Restart Or How To Do The Conf Of Antivirus
So Now Follow These Simple Things And Then Configure By Yourself

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