How To Configure Firewall {Iptables} In Redhat Enterprise Linux Rhel-4&5

In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Configure Firewall Means {Iptables} In Redhat Enterprise Linux Rhel-4&5

Just Follow These Simple Steps 

Firstly Login With The Root In Redhat Linux

Step-1 Now Here Is The Command Of Configuring The Firewall {Iptables}


{Now One Window Will Open Here You Have To Enable The Security Level After Then Click Customize
After Click The Customie Now Here Enable The trusted Device Eth 0 After That Now Come To Allow Incoming And Here Enable The Servers Which You Want To Enable Now I You Enable Some Server Then After Configuring That Server You Don’t Have To Turn Off The Firewall It Will Automatically Turn Of The Firewall For That Server Of If You Want To Do This For Some Particualr Port Then Write The Port Name On Other Ports After Then Now Click Ok}

Scroll Down The Page And See The Picture 

#service iptables save {It Will Save The Changes Which We Do Before}


#iptables -L -n {It Will Show You The Networks Of Which They Accept Or Rejecte}

#iptables -L -n -v {It Will Show You In Detail The Networks Of Which They Accept Or Rejecte}

Thats All How To Configure Iptables In Linux Follow This And Learn How To Confifure Firewall

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