How To Install Window Server 2012 In Vm VirutalBox

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In This Tutorial We Are Going to Learn How To install Windows Server 2012 In Vm VirtualBox 

It Is Very Easy And Very Simple Also 

Just Follow These Simple Steps

Step-1 Here I Am Showing You In Vm VirtualBox How To Install Windows Server 2012 If you Want To Install Window Server 2012 In Your Same Original Pc Or Laptop Then Same Process Is There Also

Step-2 Now Firstly open Vm VirtualBox And Add A New File Then Give The Size Of Hard Disk And Ram Which You Want to Give Or How Much you Want To Give 

Step-3 Now Go To The Setting On That File In Vm VirtalBox Then We Have To Do The Settings By Scrolling Down The Page And See The Video Which Setting I Am Doing For Installtion Of Server 2012

Step-4 After Doing All This Configuration Then Run The File After Then Click On The 64 Bit Installation Then Accept The Term And conditions Then Click Next

Step-5 After Then Give Do The Partition Then Give The Space To Drive C After Doing The Partition It Will Take Some Time To Install The Windows

Step-6 After Installation The System Will Automaticall Restart And Then Create The Password For Administration Then Click Finish

Step-7 Now Your Window Is Successfully Installed 

Now Again If You Are Facing Some Problem Against Doing The Installion Then Check This Video

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