How To Install Window XP {64 Bit} In VM Virtual Box

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In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn how To Install The Windows XP In VM VirtualBox 

If You Wan’t To Install Windows XP In VM VirtualBox Or In Original System Then Also The Same Process Is There To Install The Windows Xp In System Or In VirtualBox

Step-1 Open The VM VirtualBox And Then Add A New File And Then Give The Ram Or HardDisk For Linux 

Step-2 Now Open The Setting And Do The Setting For The XP  By Scrolling Down Watch The Video For Know More In Detail

Step-3 Now Give The Space In Drive C

Step-4 Now You Have To Create Atleast 1 User

Step-5 Now It Will Take Some Time To Install The XP In VM VirtualBox

Step-6 After completing The Installation It Will Automatically Reboot And Then Your Windows Xp Is Ready To Use

If You have Some Problem Then Check this Video How To Install Window XP In  VM VirtualBox

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