How To Secure Your Linux System Using Audit In redhat Enterprise Linux Rhel 4&5

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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to secure your linux system with auditing in Redhat Enterprise Linux

It is very easy to secure your system using audit in redhat Linux just follow these simple steps

Step-1 Firstly login with the root in redhat linux and here i am having rkhunter file which is tar file by using this file we will scan our system for doing the security

Screenshot (26)

Step-2 Now we have to compress this tar file by using this command

Here is the command you can check

[root@ localhost ~]# tar -xvzf  lynix -1.3.0.tar.gz

Screenshot (28)

Step-3 After this now  we have to install this file to scan the linux system

Here is the command to install this file

[root@ localhost ~]# ls
[root@ localhost ~]# cd lynis-1.3.0
[root@ localhost ~]# ls
[root@ localhost ~]# ./lynis --install

Screenshot (30)

Step-4 After this now run this command to scan the linux system

Here is the command to start the scanning

[root@ localhost ~]# ./lynis -c

Screenshot (31)

After doing this now press enter again and again then it will scan all this line by line and if any software or anything which is not working properly then it will show you in red color warning then you have to secure that item for perfectfully running system

Screenshot (34)

This is all how to secure your system using audit in Redhat Enterprise Linux Rhel-4&5

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