How To Install Kali Linux In VM VirtualBox

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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to fully install kali linux in VM VirtualBox

If you want to learn how to install kali linux in VirtualBox then just follow these simple steps

Step-1 Firstly open the VM VirtualBox in your windows and then click on new button then give the name kali linux and then select the type and version

Screenshot (43)

Step-2 After this now click the next button and give the size of ram here i am giving the size of ram is 4GB then click next again and again now we have give the size of hard disk here i am giving the size of hard disk is 32GB
Step-3 After this now click on the setting button and do setting after clicking setting button now go to system and remove the right tick from the floppy disk now go to the storage and click empty and here select the iso file of kali linux from your system now in network option select the bridge adapter and then click ok

Screenshot (40)Screenshot (38)Screenshot (39)

Step-4 After then now click on start button and then now scroll down and click graphical install

Screenshot (41)

Step-5 Now select the language and city and some basic things after then it will take some time to install the kali linux after then reboot your Kali linux system after completing the installation

Screenshot (42)

So thats all how to install kali linux in VM VirtualBox

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