How to configure Apache Server in Kali Linux

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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to configure apache or http server kali linux machine.

If you want to configure Apache server in kali linux then it is very easy to configure http or apache server in kali linux so just follow these simple steps and then configure by yourself.

Stpe-1 Firstly open the kali linux in your system here i am having kali linux in my VM VirtualBox if you want to configure in your real machine then also same process is there.

Attacking Apache Server Through Metasploit


Step-2 After opening the kali linux and then open the terminal in kali linux then install this package of http server so how to install and configure the http server in kali linux by scrolling the the page see the commands to configure the http server in kali linux

Here is the commands to configure kali linux

Firstly check the ip address of linux machine here is the command to check the ip address

root@kali :~# ifconfig

Screenshot (76)

After checking the ip address now here is the commands to configuring the apache server

root@kali :~# apt-get install apache2 {To install the package of apache server} 
root@kali :~# service apache2 start { To restart the service of html server}
root@kali :~# service apache2 status {to check the status that server is working or not}
root@kali :~# cd /var/www {To go insige the www folder}
root@kali :/var/www# vim index.html {To create the index.html file}
root@kali :/var/www# service apache2 start {To start the service of apache}

This is how to install the package of html server


Screenshot (78)

This is to restart the service of html server and check the status of server

Screenshot (79)

Screenshot (83)

This is what we have to write inside the index.html file

Screenshot (80)

Step-3 After all this configuration now open the chrome browser or firefox or internet explorer or you pc default browser in kali linux or windows and type the ip address of the kali linux in search bar and then see all the output of http server which we write on the index.html file.

Here you can see the pictures where to type the ip address of kali linux

Screenshot (82)

This is all how to install and configure the http or you can say apache server in kali linux machine.
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