Basis Commands OF Linux Rhel-4&5

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In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn Some Basic Commands Of Linux

Some Of These Commands Are

1. History {What Commands Have Been Run?}
2. Who {Who Is Logged In}
3. Cal {To Check Calculator}
4. Date {For Check Which Date IS Running}
5. Init 0 {To Shut Down The System}
6. Init 6 {To Restart The System }

This Is The Basic Commands Of The Linux

Now How To Add User In Linux And How To Give Password In User

#Useradd Salman [User Name]
#Passwd Salman [Then Press enter And Give Password And Then Conform the Password]

How To Delete User In Linux

# who [firstly Check No User Will Be Logied In]
# userdel -r [Username]

How To Create Folder In Linux

# Mkdir {Folder Name}
# LS -L {To Check folder Is Created Or Not}
# PWD {Means Prosent Working Directory}

Now How To get Into The Folder

# cd {folder Name And Press Enter}

Now How To Get Out Into The Folder

# cd.

Now How To Check From Where You Are Logged In From LocalHost Or User

# [Means Login with LocalHostRoot]

$ [Means Log in with a user]

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