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Basics Firewall Commands Of Rhel 7 Or Sent OS 7

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to start the firewall and how to stop the firewall and how to check the status of firewall and some basics commands of firewall

If you want to learn some basics of firewall and if you are in networking or linux administration field so you have to know about the firewall and the basics commands of firewall

So just look into these commands then you can easily run this commands and configure by yourself in Rhel And Sent OS 7

Here is the commands

  • How To Start Firewall Service

# systemctl start firewalld

  • How To Stop Firewall

#systemctl stop firewalld

  • How To Check The Status Of Firewall

#systemctl status firewalld

  • How To Check The State Of Firewall

#firewalld -cmd –state

And there are some alternative methods also

Here you can see the Alternative methods

  • How To Enable Or Disable The Firewall

#systemctl disable firewalld

#systemctl enable firewalld

  • Mask Firewall service

#systemctl mask firewalld

  • Unmask Firewall Service

#systemctl unmask firewalld

  • Firewall Reload

#systemctl firewalld–reload


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