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How To Create A New Website On Blogspot

In This Tutorial We Are Going To Learn How To Create A New Website On Blogspot 

If You also want to create a new website on Blogspot then it is very simple to create any website to blogspot or any other platform

So You Have To Follow Just These Simple Steps

Step-1 Before Creating Any Website In Blogspot You Must Have An Gmail Id Or (Gmail Account) Because We Use The Gmail Id For Creating A New Website on Blogspot

Step-2 Now Go To Blogspt Website Which Is And Then Click Create A Blog Then Sign In With Your Gmail Account

Step-3 After Then Give The Name To Your Website In Title Box After Then Give The Address To Your Website So You Can Easily Search With This Address Which You Given In Address And It Will Take You Directly To Your Website

Step-4 After Giving The Address Now You Can Select Theme Which Suites To You And Your Website And Then Click create Blog

Step-5 Now Your Website Is Successfully Created Now If You Want To Purchase Domain So You Can Purchase Or If You Don’t Want To Purchase Domain Then Click Button No Thanks

Step-6 Now If You Want To See Your Website How Does It look So You Can Open Your website by Search Your Address Which You Given Before 

Step-7 Now You Blogspot Website Is Created Now If you Want To Create A Post Then Click On New Post Then Write The Title Of Your Article And Then Write Your Article In Discription

Step-8 After Writing Your Article Then Click On publish Article So It Can Be Seen In Your Website

This Is All How we Create Website On Blogspot So Just Follow These Simple Steps And Create Your Own Website

Best Of Luck

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