Top 10 Basic Question Which Ask On Linux Interview

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Here I Am Providing You The Top 10 Basic Questions Which Are Ask On The Linux Interviewalso

If you are going for an interview then these 10 question basic question of linux will help you in interview so keep in these question mind if you are going for an interview or if you want to solve inteview question for basic knowlege also.
So here is the questions :

1. How to Hide apache version …..
2. .htaccess …. purose ???
3. Difference between Hardlink and softlink ???
4. what is nslookup command ???
5. How to restrict FTP users ????
6. What is iptables … diff between DROP & REJECT ???
7. What is NAT ….???
8. Difference between NFS & SAMBA ???
10. Difference between TELNET & SSH ?????

If you want more interview questions about linux or ccna or windows so comment me then i will provide to you as soon as possible.

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