What Is Metasploit and how to use metasploit

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In this tutorial we are going to learn about metasploit

What is Metasploit ??

  • It has a good command called “Search”
  • For example, I want to find exploits related to Microsoft and the command can be
  • msf >search name:Microsoft type:exploit
  • Another command is “info”.
  • It provides the information regarding a module or platform where it is used, who is the author, vulnerability reference, and the payload restriction that this can have


  • #service postgresql start
  • #msfdb init
  • #msfdb start
  • #msfconsole
  • if you use help or ? symbol, it will show you a list with the commands of MSP along with their description.
  • Another important administration command is msfupdatewhich helps to update the metasploit with the latest vulnerability exploits.
  • After running this command in the console, you will have to wait several minutes until the update is complete.

Now i am gona show you how to use metasplot on telnet

  • #msfconsole
  • >use auxiliary/scanner/telnet_login
  • >show options
  • >set rhosts
  • >Set rport 23
  • >set username root
  • >set pass_file pass.txt
  • >exploit

This is all what is metasploit and how to use metasploit.

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