What is slowhttptest and how to use it

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In this tutorial we are going to learn what is slowhttptest and how to use it.

Here you can see now what is slowhttptest and how to use it.

  • Slowhttptest is one of the DoS attacking tools.
  • It especially uses HTTP protocol to connect with the server and to keep the resources busy such as CPU and RAM.
  • You can type “slowhttptest –h” to see all the paramenters that you need to use.
  • In case you receive an output, ‘Command not found’ you have to first type 
  • #apt-get install slowhttptest
  • # slowhttptest –h
  • # slowhttptest -c 500 -H -g -o outputfile -i 10 -r 200 -t GET –u -x 24 -p 2

Explation Of Slowhttptest

  • Where,
  • (-c 500) = 500connections
  • (-H)= Slowloris mode
  • -g= Generate statistics
  • -o outputfile= Output file name
  • i 10= Use 10 seconds to wait for data
  • -r 200= 200 connections with -t GET = GET requests
  • -u target URL
  • -x 24= maximum of length of 24 bytes
  • -p 2= 2-second timeout

This is all what is slowhttptest and how to use it.

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