Kali Linux – Forensics Tools

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In this tutorial, we will learn about the forensics tools available in Kali Linux.

  • p0f

  • p0fis a tool that can identify the operating system of a target host simply by examining captured packets even when the device in question is behind a packet firewall.

  • P0f does not generate any additional network traffic, direct or indirect; no name lookups; no mysterious probes; no ARIN queries; nothing. In the hands of advanced users, P0f can detect firewall presence, NAT use, and existence of load balancers.

  • #p0f – h


  • #p0f –i eth0 –p -o filenametype_of_commandWhere the parameter “-i” is the interface name as shown above. “-p” means it is in promiscuous mode. “-o” means the output will be saved in a file.

  • #p0f –I eth0 –p –o /root/Desktop/my.log

Open a webpage with the address

webpage_addressThis is all about the kali linux forensic tools.

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