Top 100 Linux Questions Which Ask On Interview

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Here in this tutorial i am giving you the questions which are highly recomended for linux interview.

If you are preparing for linux so this 100 questions will definetly help you in the interview so before going to interview check these questions.

Here are the questions

Q:1 What is the boot sequence of a linux server ?
Q:2 What is Hard disk driver or Hard disk module, are they different or same. Explain.
Q:3 How you will get the WWN number of HBA card installed in Linux
Q:4 How to check RHEL Version ?
Q:5 What is network bonding and different levels of bonding ?
Q:6 How to share a linux resource on windows machine ?
Q:7 How to scan newly assigned SAN’S LUN on Linux server without rebooting ?
Q:8 How to reset grub passwd and root passwd in linux ?
Q:9 What is journaling in linux ?
Q:10 What is difference between ext2 & ext3 and ext4 file system ?
Q:11 What are the steps to create LVM of newly created LUN ?
Q:12 How to see the tape device name in linux ?
Q:12 Power path Overview with software/driver installation on Linux servers ?
Q:13 What is RAID & different types of RAID levels ?
Q:14 What are the default ports used for smtp , ftp, ssh & samba ?
Q:15 How to calculate free size from free PE mentioned in VG Display ?
Q:16 LVM initialize on which stage in boot sequence ?
Q:17 What Grub and its different stages ?Q:18 If we have a File data.txt, How you will give permission as below
Group Name – finance, write only
Users – tom & jack only read
Users – bond , read write execute.
Q:19 How to change network interface name ifcfg-eth0 to ifcfg-nic0
Q:20 How to re-size the file system ?
Q:21 How to preserve the permission on tar backup ?
Q:22 How to set default gateway in different ways ?
Q:24 How to work in 2 different files with vi editor, How to copy paste & cut in multiple files ?
Q:25 Difference between tar,cpio & dd backup ?
Q:26 How to increase size of swap in linux ?
Q:27 How to run a particular script in runlevel 3 ?
Q:28 What is meaning of “no_root_squash” in nfs ?
Q:29 What daemons run on nfs client ?
Q:30 How to check what are the driver installed in system ?
Q:31 What is the format /etc/fstab file ?
Q:32 From where the command ‘rpm -qa’ find the installed packages ?
Q:33 What is the function of syslog ?
Q:34 How you check the bottle neck of slow server ?
Q:35 What is the basic format of NFS mount ?
Q:36 Differnce b/w automount FS and NFS
Q:37 What is the role of boot loader(GRUB) Stage 1.5 ?
Q:38 Difference between super block and data block ?
Q:39 How to check the version of package ?
Q:40 What is Set UID and GID ?
Q:41 What is sticky bit and where to use ?
Q:42 Difference between LVM1 and LVM2 ?
Q:43 What is role of $0, $? and $# in shell scripting ?
Q:44 How to find the MX record of a domain from the command line ?
Q:45 What is the limitation of fdisk command & where to use parted command ?
Q:46 What are Logical steps for PXE Server setup in linux ?
Q:47 What is the role of %pre & %post in kickstart ?
Q:48 What are the different fields of crontab file & cron log file ?
Q:49 what is the difference between -U & -F option in rpm command ?
Q:50 How will supply/Reset password for 50 user without typing password again & again ?

Q:51 How will you get Module / Driver Information in linux ?
Q:52 How to check active ports in linux ?
Q:53 What is difference between sar and vmstat ?
Q:54 is it possible to boot the system without /boot partition OR deleted /boot partition ?
Q:55 How to change the complexity of password ?
Q:56 How to resolve if authentication failure (incorrect password ) ?
Q:57 How to change run level with in linux ?
Q:58 How will you load PAM module ?
Q:59 Is there a way to check the current system kernel for 32-bit kernel vs. 64-bit kernel?
Q:60 which file is responsible for forwarding (DNS) and what’s meaning of MX,PTR record ?
Q:61 What are Zombie process and how to check Zombie Processes ?
Q:62 How will you differentiate defunct and running processes in linux ?
Q:63 How to run job in background ?
Q:64 What is anacron & where to use anacron ?
Q:65 What is the role and size of MBR ?
Q:66 How to set grub boot loader password ?
Q:67 How to set the date in IST FORMAT from the command line ?
Q:68 How to check nfs version and release ?
Q:69 what is static and dynamic route in linux ?
Q:70 How to check whether oracle is installed or not in unix ?
Q:71 How to check which nfs share is mounted ?
Q:72 How to mount ISO file in linux ?
Q:73 what is LDS certificate ?
Q:74 How will you patch older kernel version in Linux machine ?
Q:75 What is the difference between yast & yast2 command ?
Q:76 How will you deactivate mouse in RHEL and which service is resposible for that ?
Q:77 What is ssh port forwarding ?
Q:78 How to patch linux servers using spacewalk ?
Q:79 What is the difference between RHN and Spacewalk ?
Q:80 How to recover deleted LVM partitions in linux ?
Q:81 How will you use trap and shift command in unix ?
Q:82 What are different components of Postfix Mail Server ?
Q:83 What is the use of SPF record & Domain Keys in mail server ?
Q:84 What is difference between NFS3 & NFS4 ?
Q:85 What is use of lsof command ?
Q:86 How will you check last week accessed files ?
Q:87 what is the use of ‘exec’ & ‘ok’ option in find command ?
Q:88 Give one exmaple of suid, sgid and Sticky bit ?
Q:89 How to reset failed login counts in linux ?
Q:90 What is the use of .netrc file in linux ?
Q:91 How to integrate Linux Servers with Microsoft Active Directory ?
Q:92 What is use of xargs with find command ?
Q:93 What are the different states of a process in linux/unix ?
Q:94 What is the use of ACLs in linux and how to implement ACLs ?
Q:95 What is the difference between useradd and adduser ?
Q:96 What is LVM Snapshot and use of lvm snapshot ?
Q:97 How to check yum repositry information & clear yum cache in linux ?
Q:98 How to create yum repository locally ?
Q:99 What is the role fencing in redhat cluster ?
Q:100 How to gracefully shutdown two node linux cluster in case of planned power outage ?

These questions will definetly help you for the linux interview.

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