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ccna lab test paper to be performed using cisco packet tracer

Here is the Question which you have to perform on cisco packet tracer.

Q- Every user have two routers first router is directly connected with second router of another user and third router on third user machine is connected with both first router which is on first user and second router which is on second user pc.


there are three more routers they are connected in such a way that R2 is not directly connected with R4 and R5 and R1 is not directly connected with R4 and R6 and R3 is not directly connected with R6 and R5

Complete the routing manually

R6 must belonging to second user of R3 belongings to third user.

Note– Admin has uses switch between every odd router connected directly

there is a email server somewhere between odd connected router.

there is DNS server which connected with router which is one side connected with even router and two side connected with odd routers.

clients can only be connected with odd routers.

at last admin has also added a switch with all even routers and then connected tftp server, ntp server, http server with switches.

Anyone who is interested can perform this lab and share me through comment section.If any suggestion then welcome to

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