How To Place Amazon Bounty Ads To WordPress Website

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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to place amazon bounty ads to your wordPress website.

So Firstly you have to install 1 plugin to place Amazon bounty ads to your website

Now go to plugin and here search advanced ads and install this plugin.



After installing this plugin now go to amazon affiliate and login with your id and password and click on amazon bounty program in product linking.


After this now in amazon bounty program there is an fixed fee which amazon give to their affiliates.

if you add banner of prime memberes to your website then whenever any person from your website go to the amazon by clicking amazon prime banner and if they take the prime membership then you will get the 100/ Rs fixed fee from amazon.

now how to add amazon prime membership banner to your website?

so after clicking Amazon Prime Bounty here you can see the collection of banner by clicking on that you can download the image of prime membership banner


Now save that zip file in your system and extract that file

After extraction that file now again come to wordPress and click on ads in advance ads.


after that now here you have to ad new ads and then give the name to the ad which you want to give here i am giving the name Ad8 and select image Ad and click on next.



Now here you have to select the image and select the banner which you download from amazon affiliate.

After selecting image now pause this here now again go to amazon affiliate and create a unique tracking id so you can easily track how many people from my website go to amazon and take the membership.

Now how to create a tracking id in amazon affiliate?

So by clicking your account name you can see the option Manage your tracking IDs Click on that and then create an unique tracking id.


After that now go to wordPress again where you upload the amazon bounty banner

here in Url You have to write

in here 12121212 is a uniqur tracking id and then click on Next


After Then Now select where you have to place your banner ads and then click on next.

Now its all done now after 10minutes this bounty program Banner will add to your website.

this is all how Amazon Bounty program work and how to place bounty program banner add to your websites.

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