How to check any website ranking

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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to check any website ranking weather it is worldwide ranking or country ranking

So here firstly open your browser Chrome or Firefox

After then on the right corner click on that 3dot and select more tools then click on extensions

Screenshot (62)

After then now click on option open chrome web store

Screenshot (60)

then here in search box here search Alexa and press enter.

Screenshot (63)

Now here you can see on top first option Alexa traffic rank select that and click on add to chrome and then click add extensions and then after few seconds you can see here Alexa option and click on turn on sync.

0000Screenshot (64)Screenshot (65)

After then now login with your Gmail account and then click on agree and accept

Now its all done now if you want to check any website ranking then open any website which website ranking you want to check after open that website click on that Alexa button then it will show you that website worldwide and country ranking also

This is all how to check any website ranking

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