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What is Fork Bomb In Windows And How Its Work

In this tutorial we are going to learn what is fork bomb in windows and how does fork bomb work.

What is Fork Bomb ?

In computing, a fork bomb (also called rabbit virus or wabbit) is a denial-of-service attack wherein a process continually replicates itself to deplete available system resources, slowing down or crashing the system due to resource starvation.

What Is The Command Of Fork Bomb ?

So Firstly open notepad in your system computer or laptop and write this command

%0|%0 and then save that notepad file in .bat format

Screenshot (18) - Copy

Screenshot (19) - Copy

After saving that file in your system and after that if you open that file then your system will stop working you are unable to use anything in your system.

and then if you want your computer or laptop work again properly so turn the power off your system then start again after then your system will work properly.

This is all what is fork bomb and how dose fork bomb work.

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