3 Ways Of Storing Passwords

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In this blog we are going to learn what are the 3 ways of storing password.

These are the 3 ways of storing password

1. Plane Text

2. Encryption


Plane Text

  • this is the most dangerous way of storing password
  • If a hacker breaches the companies’ database the hacker can see the password of user.
  • And if you see the same password for multiple accounts you’re doomed


  • The password is encrypted (Encoded data)
  • If the hacker manages to get the encryption key somehow, your password will be breached because it’s plane text (your password) underneath the encryption.


  • This is by far the most secure way of strong password. the password is hashed before storing,hashing is a one way process, means that a hashed password can’t be converted back to the original password.
  • MD5 hash for “hello world” is “5eb63bbbe01eeed093cb22b8f5acdc3”
  • Password are stored using hashing and we add some ‘salt’ to make it even more secure.

This is all what are the 3 best way of storing passwords

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