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Google V/s DuckDuckGo And What Are The Difference B/w Google And DuckDuckGo

In this tutorial we are going to learn what is difference between GOOGLE & DUCKDUCKGO or how Google is different from DuckduckGo

The Differences Are:-

Google :-

  1. Including data for Surface Web
  2. Not So much private
  3. Have no Vpn changing facility
  4. Huge market share
  5. Best personlization option
  6. Track IP Addressess information

DuckduckGo :-

  1. Including data for deep and dark web
  2. So much private
  3. Can change Vpn of different countries
  4. Little market share
  5. Less Personlization option
  6. Personal tracking i not performed

These all are the most 6 difference or you can say how google are difference from DuckduckGo.

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