Cyber Security Training Notes




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This is PowerPoint Presentation where you get all the notes of cyber security with practical and this training will help you understand cybersecurity in depth and help you achieve mastery over the subject.

Topics that cover in this cyber security training.

1. Cyber world

2. Understanding cyber world

3. Types of cyber crime

4. Cyber crime threats and its policies

5. Advantages of cyber security

6. Tips and trics

7. What is cyber law of india

8. Needs of cyber security

9. Viruses and worms and its solution

10. Types of hackers

11. Malware in detail

12. Trojan horse and how to avoid Trojan horse

13. Cyber security in india in detail

14. 8 Biggest cyber attack

15. DeepDotWeb’s DarkNet Dictionary indetail with terms

and many more topics which you understand in this cyber security training notes.


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